Fair Tax Passes House, Heads to Voters

May 27, 2019

The Illinois House of Representatives voted 73-44 on Monday to pass the Fair Tax and put the amendment before the voters of Illinois on the 2020 ballot. Rep. Rob Martwick, the chief sponsor of the initiative, presented it on the floor during the three-and-a-half-hour debate.

Rep. Martwick streamed the debate on Facebook Live; view the recording here.

Under the Fair Tax, lower rates would be assessed on lower incomes, relieving the burden on the middle-class and poor while the wealthy pay more. Under the Fair Tax proposed rates, 97% of Illinoisans would see tax relief. Only those making $250,000 or more would see a rate increase.

The Chicago Sun-Times wrote, "The amendment’s sponsor, state Rep. Robert Martwick, D-Chicago, called the state’s current system “a very unfair tax system.” He countered opponents’ claims about Illinoisans and businesses leaving the state: “This is reform. This is an opportunity to fix the problems of Illinois.”

"“The fair tax, if approved by the voters, if they choose this tax reform, this path forward for Illinois, we will be in a position where we can eliminate those deficits,” Martwick said. “And when we eliminate those deficits, we stop accumulating debts and we begin to pay them down. And when we pay down those debts we relieve the pressure for future tax increases.”"


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