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May 5, 2015

The Ed Paschke Art Center opened on June 22, 2014, on what would’ve been Ed Paschke’s 75th birthday. Located steps from the CTA, Metra and Kennedy expressway, it features 2800 square feet of exhibition space and 1,700 square feet of educational space, alongside a re-imagination of Paschke’s Howard Street Studio. EPAC’s commitment to accessibility is reflected by its free admission and abundant open hours.

The Ed Paschke Foundation, created by Ed Paschke’s surviving children, and the Chicago-based Rabb Family Foundation came together in January of 2013 with the goal of increasing the awareness of Ed Paschke’s work and life, especially within the City of Chicago, which he was proud to call his home. Created in part to help catalog the artist’s career and document the breadth of Paschke’s work, the Foundation has helped newer artists to more fully express their gifts and reach a broader audience. The founder and trustees of The Rabb Family Foundation are personally interested in Paschke’s legacy and art, and as an art center, EPAC functions as a living, breathing place of discovery, creativity and community. EPAC also embodies Paschke’s role as a teacher and mentor through a gallery dedicated to exhibiting local talent as well as an artist residency program.

When asked once, out of all of his work, which one was his favorite, Paschke replied; “The next one. It’s kind of like being addicted to a drug. You keep trying to top yourself. Whatever excited you before won’t do it again. I try not to look back much. If you keep looking back and resting on your laurels, it can slow you down going forward.”

The unprecedented amount of press coverage EPAC has received even prior to its official grand opening attests to a shared sentiment that recognition for Ed Paschke is long over due.

The Ed Paschke Art Center is located at 5415 W. Higgins Avenue. Open seven days a week, its hours are 10AM–7PM. Please check their website and social media for information regarding seasonal holiday closures.


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